2018 Championship Drive

Championship Drive recognizes more than 70 4-H and FFA competitors and animals. Winning a class is highly coveted and we’re giving the opportunity to showcase the hard work of these competitors. We look forward to seeing competitors at next years Fair!

The 2019 Championship Drive will be held Aug. 22 at 6:30 p.m. in Broadbent Arena.

Results for 2018

Grand Champion Steer: Class 7- Garry Taylor
Reserve Champion Steer: Class 8- Jacklyn Duzan
3rd Overall Steer: Class 9- Kolton Raizor
4th Overall Steer: Class 9- Macey Shelton
5th Overall Steer: Class 7- McKalyn Shelton
Kentucky Proud Champion: Class 9- Macey Shelton
Kentucky Proud Res Champion: Class 4- Makayla Jo Massey

Grand Champion Hog: Crossbred- Braden Lancaster
Reserve Champion Hog: Crossbred- Tad Fisher
3rd Overall Hog: Duroc- Cade Dupin
4th Overall Hog: Duroc- McKenzie McCoy
5th Overall Hog: Yorkshire- Lacee Trapp
Kentucky Proud Champion: Crossbred- Tad Fisher
Kentucky Proud Res Champion: Duroc- McKenzie McCoy

Grand Champion Lamb: Hampshire- Ty Jones
Reserve Champion Lamb: Black Face Cross- Clayton Burks
3rd Overall Lamb: Hampshire – Hollie Doyle
4th Overall Lamb: Black Face Cross- Shepard Daulton
5th Overall Lamb: Natural Color- Wyatt Acey
Kentucky Proud Champion: Black Face Cross- Clayton Burks
Kentucky Proud Res Champion: Hampshire – Hollie Doyle

Grand Champion Goat: Division 4- Madison Goecke
Reserve Champion Goat: Division 3- Madison Goecke
3rd Overall Goat: Divison 3- Dakota Walton
4th Overall Goat: Division 1- Ashley Smith
5th Overall Goat: Division 5- Shelby Terrell
Kentucky Proud Champion: Division 3- Dakota Walton
Kentucky Proud Res Champion: Division 5- Shelby Terrell