Free Shows

There are hundreds of opportunities to sit back and enjoy entertainment. You will love what we have to offer including talent showcases, animal performances, and unique learning experiences. There are a dozen stages with different acts. Get ready for more than you can imagine at the Kentucky State Fair.

Lady Houdini

Lady Houdini is a real escapologist who has performed more than 1,400 most Water Torture Cell escapes, well over Houdini’s estimated record of 1,000 escapes.

The Marvelous Mutts

These mutts have talent! The Marvelous Mutts show is action packed with canine sport. The canine and handler teams perform with Frisbees, agility racing, and dock diving to wow the crowd.

The Magic of David Garrard

Be awed by David’s unique mix of magic and music.

Michael Goudeau

Starting from humble beginnings as a performer in the streets of San Francisco, Michael Goudeau has traveled all around the world showcasing his amazing talents. From his variety of comedy acts to juggling chainsaws, Goudeau can catch any crowd’s attention out of the air.

Miller's Border Collies

Trained dogs execute herding techniques on command. Located in the West Wing.

Moto Maniacs

Moto Maniacs is a live performance filled with incredible motorcycle stunts and acrobatic displays. Expect nonstop action, amazing stunts, explosive music and a company of stunning artists. A thrilling performance for audiences of all ages.

Pogo Fred

Pogo Fred holds multiple Guinness World Records for his extreme pogo stunts and is regarded as one of the best jumpers on the planet.

Renata the Band

This trio of siblings, hailing from Queens, New York, has a unique blend of harmony-driven country/rock music. Touring together full-time for nearly nine years, they are seasoned veterans in the music industry that are sure to make an audience get on their feet and dance.